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Ways of the Sacred Feminine

Temple Door Open until 22nd November 2023

An invitation for women of all ages, to dive into the waters of the the womb,
& journey together through 9 moons

 A women's circle & temple space where we may come together, share and grow, as we remember ourselves as part of the Earth, and daughters of the stars. Held over 9 moons the journey is an organic unfolding of living wisdom and heart-centered sisterhood for women of all ages.

Together will we will journey into wise ways of the feminine. We will explore our inner rhythms and cycles from our starlight origins, through the rites of passage of life. Flowing with the cycles of the moon, sun and seasons, we come to know ourselves more deeply, as we nourish our bodies, nurture our hearts and deepen our connection with Nature.        

Starting at Samhain (The Celtic New Year) ~ Wednesday 8th November 2023 - July 2024, held Online
Temple doors open for 1 more week  
Last week we began Ways of the Sacred Feminine, with our first profoundly beautiful call. Inspired by the potency of this circle of women gathering for this 9 moon journey, the temple doors will be open for sign up for one more week. If you are feeling the call to join us, now is the time to dive in! On the 22nd, doors will close until the next cycle in autumn 2024.

 Live gathering calls are held Wednesdays at 7.30pm UK time  

~ The journey is an experiential immersion, including:
~ The flow of the feminine from starlight through birth, menstruation, mothering, menopause and elderhood
~ Nature connection and remembering ourselves as part of the earth
~ Lunar cycles and natural rhythms
~ Connecting with the waters within and without
~ Wise Women Guests (Sharing their wisdom for some of our sessions)
~ Cleansing and nourishing
~ Acknowledging the shadow & the dark moon ~ dark feminine
~ Working with plant helpers, smudging, teas, oils, essences, flower waters & baths
~ Ritual, practices & meditations
~ Dreaming
~ Opening the body & simple yoga for women
~ Breathwork
~ Sacred sound & song
~ Guided journeys
~ Sister hearth & sharing our stories around the fire

We gather twice a month for our online calls, deepening and expanding with each new phase. Additional conversations, writing, inspiration and videos are shared throughout the journey through the group portal.

"The woman has in her cellular structure the knowledge, the imprint of how creation should evolve, because she is part of creation in a way that man isn't. And she is part of the mystery of life... And she needs to be because the process of conception and birth is which only human beings have access to, which only women have access to... I have been shown how there is a certain work that needs to be done by women. I have also seen that the anger of women towards the patriarchy is a very very big stumbling block to this. And there is not enough time, sadly, for the reconciliation which would take, I guess, a couple of hundred years, on a good day... But you have to respect what has happened, don't deny it. But say there is a more pressing need at this time. And I also think it will be done by groups of women coming together.... because that is how women have always worked... Women never had the same hierarchical structures as men. Even in the ancient esoteric traditions of women they came together in circles. And they shared. In that sharing a certain magic is passed from woman to woman, from body to body, from spirit to spirit. And something else becomes present. And then there is this organic connection that is needed - I called it a web of light when I saw it - that is needed to help rejuvenate the spiritual structure of the world which is dying.... So in a way women hold the fate of the world in their hands, in a very particular way. Yes, there is a work of vital importance that belongs to the feminine and also belongs to women... There has to be somewhere the reconnection with this ancient feminine tradition." ~ From The Spiritual Work of the Feminine by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

What you will receive: 

 ~ Two live online gatherings per moon:
~ A two hour Ways of the Feminine circle where the theme, teachings and guided journey for each moon will be shared
~ A one hour circle for questions, explorations and personal sharing each moon
~ Additional video, audio and written content, uploaded to the library each moon, with practices, recipes, rituals, inspiration and images for you to work with
~ A personal one hour one~to~one meeting with Lana, open for anything you wish to share or explore, at any point through the 9 moons.  
~ A private community portal within Aluna Healing Temple for sharing your writing, images and personal shares
~ 9 moons of weaving connection with Lana and our circle of sisters, as much or as little as you wish to engage
~ Video & audio recordings of the sessions and a library of resources for you to have access to for at least 3 years after the completion of the circle.
~ An additional private group space on Signal or WhatsApp  
~ This is an immersive, interactive circle, with the intent of helping us to remember ourselves, weave our connections deeper into the Earth and with each other as women. It is my prayer that this circle may nourish, inspire and nurture as we weave, share and grow together.  

Reciprocity for the 9 moon journey : 

£333 as a one time payment
9 payments of £37 per moon    

If you feel called to join and this amount is not manageable for you, please get in touch     If you have questions and/or are drawn to join us, please schedule a introductory call, by contacting me Here   

Testimonials from women of our previous journeys…

 “This is a special opportunity for women from different walks of life and different ages to gather around the hearth of these wise teachings... My experience was that (Lana) Daniela shares this unique knowledge with an open heart within a space of no judgement. We gained from grounded listening and sharing within the self-nourishing space held... Our very different voices and life experiences were supportive and complimentary to what was being transmitted.  For me I found the whole experience, even when it brought up difficult emotions, enriching to my inner growth and self-compassion in relationship with the Divine/Mother Earth.”  

  “The Women’s Heart Circle was an amazing journey for me about embracing being a woman… The group helped me grow as a person and allowed me to learn and appreciate my body and the sacredness of being a sexual being at a spiritual level. It was a journey of learning to accept myself for who I am. It was nice to know I was not alone on this journey. It was beautiful to share this with my spiritual sisters as we grew with each other and made deep and meaningful connections.”

   “My nine month journey...was, for me, deep work. Exploring the mysteries of the divine feminine and reconnecting back into forgotten yet somehow familiar practices. Throughout the journey I was very aware of my internal journey, re-establishing a healthy balanced relationship with myself and the deeper journey of expressing my own divine nature in my own personal way.”  

 “My journey with the Sacred Feminine has simply brought me home. Being a part of the Women’s Heart Circle is a true privilege… allowing us all to share and grow in a place of expansion, love and all-inclusiveness”    


Will the classes be recorded? The 2 hour calls will be recorded and uploaded to the library for you to watch any time. The one hour calls are partially recorded to maintain privacy with personal shares. I do ask, that you make an intention to create space to attend live when possible, as this journey calls us to bring forth our hearts, our presence and interaction.

Do you offer refunds? I aim to outline the journey as fully as I can here, and offer a free introductory call to each woman before joining. When you sign up, we enter a mutual agreement of giving and receiving for the cycle of the journey. Therefore I do not offer refunds. Payment plans, also are offered only on the basis of your responsibility for completion of the full payment.  

"Yes, I would love to join...!"