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Lana Lanaia

Lana Lanaia (Daniela Lanaia)

 Lana lives in the Scottish Highlands and is a musician & sound healer known for her ‘crystalline voice’ and ‘music that infuses the heart’. She tends the earth, and creates healing spaces through her music & offerings.  

Lana’s inspiration flows from her deep love for the Earth; of wild landscapes, forests, mountains, rivers, oceans, sacred sites, and the stars. She has and continues to learn from indigenous wisdom and ancestral traditions, exploring how we may reawaken and heal our relationship with self, Nature and our starlight origins.  

Lana is the female singer/songwriter within the duo Anima, and the creator of Aluna Healing Temple, where she shares Online Sound Healing Ceremonies, Women’s Journeys, Retreats, Courses and One to One sessions.    

A personal share:  

Aluna Healing is an Offering of Love from my Heart for Mother Earth & Her Children  

Since childhood, I have been drawn towards the healing arts, and the magic of the Earth.  I am blessed with parents who encouraged me as a child and young adult to follow my creativity and dreams - to follow the call and path of my heart; as I journeyed, stumbled, fell, healed and opened my wings to fly through this sacred journey of life.  

I have been immersed in creative arts and explored intuitive healing from a young age. Studying Fine Art at university in the beautiful city of Bath, gave me the freedom to explore and delve into connection with Nature and the Goddess, and express that intimate connection through painting and photography. The three years of my degree was spent between the art studio and with the woodlands, springs and stone circles, listening to the land, and experiencing her living presence manifest in form within the trees, rocks and rivers.

 I have sung and played guitar since I was twelve, but it was ten years later when I opened as a musician; and the work with oil paints morphed into sound.  I have travelled internationally sharing my music and retreats, have lived for many years in the quietness of Nature, gardening and tending the earth, while being gardened and shaped by Her, and am blessed to have and continue to learn from indigenous elders and wisdom keepers of the Americas and the British Isles. I am deeply grateful for their teachings and presence, living by example the ways of origin and sacred relationship with Mother Earth.

  "Lana has a playful, wise spirit and gentle yet strong nature and way in her work. She has a unique and sensitive awareness that is rooted in a loving relationship with the Earth and the stars." 

 I have been learning and working with healing ways for over 20 years. These include: sound healing & holistic voicework, shamanic practices & ancestral wisdom, energy healing, herbal medicine, Altai Massage, yoga, breathwork, earth~centered ministry & ceremony (Minister of Her Walking Prayer), feminine earth wisdom, permaculture & biodynamic gardening. All of this, intertwined with my own journey of healing, is woven into my work, and offerings..  

I live in the Scottish Highlands, with the land & gardens, and the rivers of sound & music  

On this site you will find a selection of services, events & products Aluna Healing Temple is the home of my online sound journey library & courses, that I hope will nurture and support you, as we journey through these times of great transformation  

With love & blessings